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March ‘04 – Ocean Futures Society

The Beauport spent the month of March, 2004, supporting Jean Michel Cousteau’s “OCEAN FUTURES SOCIETY” while shooting a series of films for Public Broadcasting Service on the “Migration of the Gray Whale from Baja California to the Arctic”.

Summer ‘04 – The Pacific Northwest’s Inside Passage

During July and August, the Beauport cruised the Pacific Northwest’s Inside Passage starting with the Gulf Islands through the Johnstone Strait up to Telegraph Cove, taking time to stop at various islands, bays, and inlets to enjoy the marine and land wildlife on the way. Several dedicated people working in the marine field were amongst our guests, one of them being Jeff Pantukhoff. Jeff established the “WHALEMAN FOUNDATION”, a non-profit oceanic organization which dedicates itself to the preservation and protection of dolphins and whales and their habitats through research, conservation, film production, and education.